The Avalanche summit: what a blast!

Running from March 22nd until the 25th in Barcelona, Nested is delighted to have participated to one of the biggest Blockchain meets in the world. It was important to get out there and share with everyone what we have been up to since we started laying the foundations of our SocialFi revolution, eight months ago.

Beyond our own objectives, Avalanche organized a well curated summit that gave every participant the chance to connect with talented teams championing visionary ideas.

Not only did we have a good time, ate well and took it onto the dancefloor, but we took pride in being part of such a key event of the vibrant blockchain community.

“The location was incredible and the atmosphere was both professional and relaxed… the perfect combination to learn from each other,” said Aurélien, Nested’s head of product.

Drop it like it’s hot

We went to Barcelona with high expectations and a lot of merch thinking that we would have a lot left — the formers were exceedingly met, and the latter is all gone.

The excitement around our tees and hats was probably just as strong as the enthusiasm we saw for the work we put on our platform. The feedback we received confirmed that our product is hitting the nail on the head.

Alexia Martinel — Nested’s head of growth — explained how “the event has been an amazing booster and has strengthened our visibility, credibility and community, reinforcing all our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).”

Our Total Value Locked (TVL), the number of our social media followers and our users rose significantly as the week unfolded.

Pitching our ideas online and being able to exchange in person are two separate experiences.

The summit was an opportunity for Nested to showcase its product live to both potential investors and users at the same time while giving immediate explanations to follow-up questions.

It helped Nested understand its audience and their pain points at a deeper and more concrete level.

More generally, Rudy — our CEO — admitted that “it was the good time to finally show our faces to our community members.”

Non-stop innovation

Beyond the joy of celebrating web3 in a crowd of like-minded people for a week, the tech team did not miss this chance to pay close attention to what is being done elsewhere and source further inspiration.

As Aurélien noted, Nested compared what it has achieved with others and met with potentially new partners that could help us refine our solution and make Nested skyrocket.

“The summit was for us a great opportunity to meet several builders within the Avalanche ecosystem,” explained Rudy, the CEO.

“In two months’ time, the NestedNFT will become a vault generating two types of interests,” he went on.

Nested users will earn royalties for each copy and additional follow — as well as through all third-parties with staking, lending or yield-farming.

Our company is also discussing with StakeDAO, Benqi, Trader Joe, Bifi and others about potential integrations.

Rudy insisted upon the fact that meeting all Ava Labs members was crucial considering that our primary focus for this vault development is precisely Avalanche.

“They will give us the market push we need to make it viral.”

Work hard, play hard

Covid aside and opposite to what older generations have known, working in Blockchain occurs mostly remotely — it demands hard work, day in, day out, and sometimes deep into the night.

This is a generational change that only exacerbates the pleasure of finally gathering when the time comes.

Adrien Supizet — Nested’s CTO — phrased it perfectly: “crypto work is like a giant party on Telegram… you can talk to anyone from anywhere in the world, but you never get to actually meet, so it was great to run into those guys and connect physically.”

On that note, Nested co-hosted a party on March 22nd along with Republic Crypto, GSR and Quantstamp to celebrate this international reunion with gusto.

Between the summit itself and the side events, these kinds of events are paramount for team building and networking. “It was a bliss,” expressed Adrien.

“Good vibes and a lot of sharing. Not only with everyone there but also as a group. It made us even stronger — nothing can stop us now!”

Looking forward to more

With that event under our belt, we are already planning for yet more events where we shall meet and exchange with the Blockchain community.

With 24k portfolios created on our platform, 10k followers spread across our social media, 5k users on our platform and at the time of this article, our KPIs are looking more than promising only one month or so after launch.

To celebrate our promising start, we have decided to gather some of the biggest projects present during the summit and build a portfolio with their coins.

Check out this portfolio built with Benqi, Chainlink, Joe, Crabada, Colony, Pangolin and Avalanche, of course.

We will make sure to announce ahead of time which events we mean to attend so that all those interested in meeting us — or grabbing some merch — may do so.

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you to explain further what we are all about and how we intend to revolutionize DeFi.



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