NFTs Singularity meets DeFi power - Nested embodies the future of Personal Finance

By offering an all-new synthesis between the unique characteristics of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the most powerful features of Decentralized Finance, Nested opens new and unlimited horizons for investors

Creation, modification, replication… for the first time, with no complex technical requirements, and regardless of their financial capacity, investors from all horizons will be able to create unique finance, adapted to their needs.

DeFi and NFT, new crypto-revolutions

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are in the spotlight, well beyond the usual boundaries of the vibrant crypto ecosystem.

Art, copyright, property rights, authentication… the world is currently waking up to the incredible potential of this new class of digital assets whose each unit is as unique as a strand of DNA or the fractal of a snowflake

Each NFT is as capable of containing unique and valuable information as it is of containing an entire, complex and singular universe.

As a consequence of technological convergence, the rise of NFT technologies and the multiplication of use cases have exploded along with decentralized finance (DeFi).

Beyond the technological complexity and the abundance of platforms, the purpose of DeFi is however surprisingly simple: to give back to individuals financial powers that have long been confiscated by large centralized banking and financial entities

As such, DeFi is perhaps the most inclusive creation of the last few decades: it liberates and puts users on an even footing, beyond borders, cultures and languages. They can invest, lend, borrow, save…without ever having to rely on any third party.

Nested offers to take advantage of the perfect synthesis of these two trends that are shaping the personal finance of the next decade.

Nested now offers an intuitive and open platform that will allow anybody to benefit from Decentralized Finance assets with no limits by transforming investment strategies into unique NFTs.

Your new generation DeFi portfolio

In terms of investment (and crypto is no exception), there is nothing more unpleasant than having to multiply platforms and services to acquire and manage a plurality of financial assets.

Without even mentioning the costs induced by the manipulations and the transactions involved in managing funds evolving on different networks.

And yet, the wise investor is aware that diversification should be the goal, in order to compensate for the brutal fluctuations of the crypto market, while taking full advantage of the global organic growth of the ecosystem.

Creating a portfolio, arbitrating its composition and making adjustments is thus an obligatory step for any investor.

In the vast majority of cases, the tracking of this portfolio will involve a third-party application, which does not allow interaction with the tracked funds.

Nested offers a new and radically different approach: from now on, your portfolio will be a crypto-asset itself!

A unique NFT containing a complete strategy, which you will forge to your image and which, why not, will make you go from traditional investor…to financial influencer!

The DIY finance (Do It Yourself)

The Nested platform offers for the first time, in a few simple steps, the possibility to create from scratch a portfolio of crypto assets.

From the selection of assets to their weighting, as well as the amounts invested, the entire process is guided with a particular care for the user experience. The whole system is driven by a smart contract architecture that manages all the operations, from the purchase of currencies at the best rates to their locking and non-custodial storage.

Through a process that takes only a few minutes, an NFT is forged. This one has some unique characteristics, immediately identifiable. It also has its own identity provided by the creator. “Gaming 2021”, “Hold 2025”, “All-star Binance Smart Chain”…the possibilities are endless!

Get inspired by others or be inspiring!

This NFT embodies your portfolio and is monitorable in detail on the Nested Finance application. At any time, the owner of the NFT will be able to make modifications and arbitrages, using the tools provided by the platform. Unleash your inner influencer and earn royalties on your strategies!

Once the NFT(s) have been created, there are numerous possibilities.

You can simply take advantage of the power of the options provided by Nested, manage your assets and manage your investment strategy.

But perhaps now is the perfect time to reveal to the world your skills as a financial strategist?

Nested provides its users with a real marketplace where it is possible to offer your NFTs. A little like copy-trading, anyone will be able to take inspiration from it, and to copy its underlying strategy.

And since all work deserves a salary and your talent as an investor should be recognized, this inspiration (and the possibility of forging copies of your strategies) will generate rewards in the form of royalties.

Thus, 20% of the fees applied during the creation or replication of an NFT will be returned to the initial creator of the portfolio.

In a near future, users will also be able to generate passive income from their Nested NFTs only by holding them but also to borrow stablecoins by using their Nested NFTs as collateral.

The governance token NST

The governance token NST is the fuel that drives the Nested platform.

Besides the fact that its ownership and retention will come with rights and power over future evolutions of the protocol, the NST also allows for the payment of NFTs creators, as well as the costs of creating, modifying and destroying portfolios.

Pre-mined in limited quantities, a strategy of buy-back and burn of NST planned by the initial governance will aim to limit progressively the total quantity of tokens in circulation (see tokenomics).

Furthermore, the first 6 to 18 months of activity of the Nested platform will be accompanied by the establishment of ETH-NST and USDC-NST liquidity pools. These pools, which are meant to guarantee a good initial liquidity of the asset, will be associated with generous rewards for the initial users.

Lastly, a staking feature will provide access to blockly rewards (details to come at TGE)

These different mechanisms, besides creating the ideal conditions for an increase of value of the NST token, are intended to guarantee a large decentralization of the governance.

In a near future, when the NST will be liquid enough, it will also be used by the user to receive bigger royalties and pay lower platform fees.

By offering a unique synthesis between DeFi and NFT, Nested doesn’t simply offer another crypto-service. The real ambition of the platform is to set the standards allowing the emergence of a new financial culture, a culture that will bring new rights and privileges and that will put the individual back at the center of financial stakes.

Keep up to date about the upcoming launch of the platform by following the Nested project on Telegram and Twitter



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