Nested x Arbitrum

2 min readSep 24, 2022


We are live on Arbitrum!

You can build, share, copy strategies, & earn 50% of the platform’s fees every time you’re copied!

When you create/copy a strategy, an NFT comes to life & represents it — a NestedNFT.

All at the touch of a button. More below👇

No more barriers!

You don’t need to know how to set up a web3 wallet on Nested: log in to our dApp thanks to your web2 accounts — Twitter, Google, etc.

We also support web3 wallets such as Metamask or Coinbase Wallet.

Who can even guess we are a dApp thanks to this super MagicLink integration?

Do you want to add more funds to buy the dip? You don’t need to go through a CEX anymore; you can do it through our Dapp. Thanks to the Mt Pelerin integration, we made it even easier and cheaper!

Your NestedNFT prettier than ever on OpenSea!

Here is what appears on Opensea when you own a NestedNFT.

Our vision is crystal clear: building the first dApp that does not target a niche of 1000 crypto-native people, but the masses. DeFi accessibility, a fragmented market & a wild experience for web3 users are the pain points we want to solve before the next adoption wave happens.

Enjoy now the best of portfolio management & copy trading on our DApp: — Create portfolios
— Deposit funds from your web3 wallet
— DCA on an entire ptf in 1 click
— Edit allocations
— Exit the market in 1 click
— Copy portfolios

Cheaper than ever, thanks to Arbitrum!