Monthly update: February

3 min readMar 2


Gm Nested fam,

We had a very busy February and figured we should probably tell you what we have been working on and everything we’ve shipped.

If you have been following us for a while, then you know we are relentlessly focused on creating the best product that can help bring DeFi to the masses.

To start with some fantastic news, we achieved two new records:

  • ATH in TVL
  • ATH in monthly users

Obviously, we have insured this record TVL on Nexus Mutual, so you can trade and use Nested with peace of mind ☁️ 👼.

Here’s what we did in February:

Smart Contracts

A TrailOfBits audit happened at the beginning of the month. Trail Of Bits is known to be the best auditor in this space, with highly reputable contributors, including SamczSun.

We were lucky to get their CTO and lead engineer working on the audit of our new and disruptive architecture that will allow us to deliver the most complete, safe, and user-friendly on-chain experience.

We will communicate publicly about this audit after having fixed every of TrailOfBits’ reports.

This major audit showcases we will do everything possible to secure our users’ funds.

The Nested dApp

We released a new version of the Nested portfolio cards. This progress was needed for many future features we will provide, including trading competitions and earnings products.

We extended our stablecoins list to many additional assets to ensure all of them are represented in the right section of your portfolio. For example, before this improvement, $agEUR wasn’t considered as a stablecoin.

Many users encountered some problems with the Nested dApp recently, such as not being able to access it occasionally. We fixed this issue which was due to a memory leak. This fixing has greatly improved the performance and stability of our dApp.

The Ledger Live integration will be coming soon, and we already shared an overview in a local environment 👀

Marketing and Growth

We are in the process of establishing a new Nested Ambassador Programme. In February, we onboarded and partnered with a few select individuals to help drive awareness of Nested, but also to give us ongoing feedback on our product.

Thor Hartvigsen shared his 2023 Arbitrum investment thesis. You can find his portfolio below:

Defi_Mochi is now one of our ambassadors and started with an “undervalued small-cap bag”. If you’re a degen, you will love it!

Route2Fi also joined the party with an Arbitrum investment thesis.

We suggest you join Route’s Telegram channel to follow all his updates:

We also submitted our proposal to get a 250K $OP grant. This grant will allow us to bootstrap our growth in the Optimism ecosystem and help bring the best and most accessible DeFi experience to the Optimism community. We are pleased to announce we reached the Cycle 10 final review and are now crossing our fingers to get final approval.

We have just hired two social media managers to help us write and create more content about the web3 ecosystem and Nested. We will be investing heavily in our content in 2023 and helping to spread the DeFi word.

Our team will attend many ecosystem events this year, and we were at Starkware Sessions in February to learn more about StarkNet. We are always on the lookout for where to expand next.

March will be an exciting month for the Nested community, and we suggest you subscribe to one of our channels so you don’t miss any updates: